Return to Player of NetEnt Games

There are so many game development companies in the casino industry, but each of them varies when it comes to the quality of their services rendered. NetEnt is one of the top gaming developers that has been around for a while and it is known to provide different kinds of casino games such as live dealer games, slots and table games. Throughout this article, we will be talking about the return t player of NetEnt games and well as its importance. Visit to read reviews of NetEnt games.

By definition, Return to Player or simply RTP is a casino term that tells gamblers the amount they can expect to win back from a game. It is known as the theoretical percentage of the amount that all players bet on a particular game which will go back to them as winnings throughout the game's lifetime. RTP differ from one game to another. You can check out the review section of to find out honest reviews of different NetEnt games.

The Importance of Return to Player

In order for you to understand why RTP of a casino game is really important, let's explain it using an example. Consider a particular game that has an RTP of 98%. If the amount of money that all players wagered on the game is $100, then the amount they can get as winnings from the game is $98. The remainder, which is $2 is the amount that the casino that features the game profits from it. Thus you can see that a higher RTP game is always better.

RTP of NetEnt Games

The beauty of NetEnt games is that their RTP is usually high. The average RTP of any NetEnt game is 96%, but you will also find other games from the developer offering RTP of above 99%. Slots, for instance, have RTP between 95% - 98%. Starburst, which is a very popular slot has an RTP if 96.10%. Gonzo's Quest also comes with an RTP of 96% while Blood Sucker video slot has an RTP of 97 %. The Live dealer game Blitz Blacjack Silver has an RTP of 99.5%

Other Things to Know About the RTP of NetEnt Games

It is also possible for a NetEnt game to different RTP in its main mode and bonus mode. The awesome NetEnt slot, Hotline comes with an RTP 96.13% during the main game but this can quickly change to 97.04% when one of the game's bonus round is triggered. If you want to check what the RTP of a Netent game is you can access the information menu to see it. Simply tap on the "i" button that is embedded in the game to access this information menu

Summary and Conclusion

We've explained the meaning of Return to Player and also talked about the RTP of different kinds of NetEnt games. It is very important that you check the RTP of a particular game before choosing it as this will help you know what to expect when you play the game. However, note that the RTP has nothing to do with the frequency at which you will win on a game. It is only concerned with how much all players may likely win.


Last modified: 23 January 2021